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Mayor says W.G.L. should drop late fees for seniors

March 12, 2004

Albany -- Mayor Dr. Willie Adams wants senior citizens not to have to pay the late fees and penalties when they are tardy paying their power and water bills. So he will propose to the Water, Gas and Light board at their next meeting that those fees be waived .

Albany Water, Gas and Light charges four dollars for late payments, with a 25-dollar penalty on the 20th day after the bill is due. But Mayor Adams says seniors should not have that extra expense. Adams said "They would pay their light bill and utility bill before they would even buy their medicines or their foods. So we struggled to come up with an idea that we can help them out a little bit."

W.,G.and L. says it is a very small percentage of people over 65 years of age who do not pay their bills on time. W.G.and L. Spokesperson Lorie Farkas said "When you get to 65 people have a good take on what the world is about, and that is not where we see our problem customer."

In his campaign for Mayor, Dr. Adams said he would make city government kinder and gentler toward senior citizens. This is his first proposal toward that goal.

Mayor Adams said "I personally feel they are one of our greatest resources. And we are obligated to look after their needs."

Dr. Adams, who as Mayor is the chair of the Water, Gas and Light Commission, will recommend waiving the late fees and penalties for senior citizens at the utility's March meeting.

 If approved by the board, he feels it can be implemented immediately.

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