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Ear infection? Your child may not get antibiotic

March 12, 2004

Albany-- An ear infection is a common childhood illness. But, the guidelines on how doctors treat them is changing.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has released new guidelines for doctors that limit the use of antibiotics to treat ear infections.

The A.A.P. says 80% of kids with ear infections can get better on their own without antibiotics. So, in most cases, doctors need to monitor the illness before prescribing medicine.

Albany Pediatrician John Sanders says this is not new information for experienced doctors, "Honestly, for most of us this will not make a difference in how they practice medicine. We have never been, the most experienced pediatricians, have never been ones to give antibiotics to children just because their ear is a little dull or they have a cold."

If a child is given an antibiotic and doesn't need it, he may build up a resistance and not respond to the medicine when they need it for a more serious illness.

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