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"Small steps" to big weight loss

March 12, 2004

Albany-- They say it's the small things you do that help you lose weight--now the government is catching on to the idea.

Some health conscious people are walking their way to good health.

But a new government-sponsored campaign suggests there is another way to lose those inches.

PT Gym Fitness Expert, Perry Buchanan says, "If you have those little habits, or lifestyle changes you can make, especially like soft drinks. Doing nothing but switching to drinking water, instead of drinking sugar drinks, can make a huge difference in the calories you take in in a day."

If you cut that daily can of sugar soda, you will drop ten pounds this year.

Of course, fitness experts say to lose pounds and increase your overall health, you need to combine some exercise with healthy eating.

But, they also say fitness is not an all or nothing proposition--doing little things can add up.

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