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Chehaw Director resigns

March 10, 2004

Albany- The lemurs at Chehaw are chatting away as they wait for their new home.

A one of a kind habitat now under construction.

But the man who helped bring them here will soon be leaving to take a job closer to home. Director Glenn Dobrogosz will be the President and CEO of the Natural Science Center in Greensboro, N.C.

"I'm leaving for very personal reasons," said Glenn Dobrogosz. "And I know this community will get behind and support Chehaw at the highest level."

Unfortunately, it hasn't always been that way.

"I know politics in the past, unfortunately things like race relations get in the way. It's ridiculous. This is a community-supported facility in the name of conservation, education, quality of life development and tourism and economic impact."

But things are looking up. Membership has doubled in the last year. Family memberships have gone from about 500 to 1000.

The park's budget keeps increasing. It gets about $1 million a year from the city, but the revenue the park brings in is up more than 30 percent in five years.

There are also new exhibits like the lemurs, the Alligator Outpost, where you can get a closer look at their jaws. And the Red Wolf exhibit, where you can see the rarest animal in North America.

These changes are just the beginning. That's why Dobrogosz will be sticking around to make sure the parks 10-year master plan will be left if the hands of the right person.

"Someone who has energy, enthusiasm, vision and will truly do what I know can be done here at this park," he said.

Making it a good home for the lemurs and a great reason for visitors to come to south Georgia.

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