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Camilla superfund site will get re-developed

March 10, 2004

Camilla - A south Georgia business shut down more than 15 years ago due to hazardous material is getting national attention.

The Camilla Wood Processing Company is an EPA Superfund Site. The Environmental Protection Agency in Washington is interested in the property because the City of Camilla agreed to do something with it.

The city got a $50,000 dollar federal grant to turn it into a community center, park, fire training facility and RV park. United States EPA Project Manager, Leo Francendese, says, "In terms of being scared or fear, often times what you don't know creates a high level of fear. As you learn more about the site and what is actually driving the risk. In this case, much of the risk is sub surface risk and not surface risk."

The company shut down after the EPA found chemicals used to preserve wood, PCP and Creosote, on the land.

Ninety-five percent of the EPA investigation is complete. Half the site will need minor work, the other half will get a few layers of concrete underground and above ground to block hazardous materials.

Once the city reclaims the land, they'll only be allowed to use the surface.

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