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Dougherty County law enforcement backs safe schools

March 10, 2004

Albany -- Educators say that students can not learn if they feel unsafe, or if someone is disrupting class. Dougherty County law enforcement came together to state their commitment to safe schools.

Class change at Albany High School. Teachers, principals, and school resource officers keep a close eye. Law enforcement says they want to remind students of the consequences of bad behavior. Deputy Superintendent Carlos Keith said "Our primary job is to educate,but we also make sure that we have a safe and orderly environment in our schools."

Chiefs of both the City and County Police Departments, Sheriff's Office, and District Attorney came together to pledge their support of safe schools. Dougherty County Police Chief Don Cheek said "I look at this as a unique opportunity for us to get involved in shaping and molding where our kids are going for the future, because they are our future."

Earlier this year fights between students at a football game and the Albany movie theatre brought out a strong Police reaction. As spring begins, they want to remind students about conduct rules and truancy laws. Dougherty District Attorney Ken Hodges said "We certainly believe that if students are in school, they will not be out creating mischief. Vandalizing property, engaging in destructive activity. And they need to be in school to get their education."

Teachers say 99 percent of their students are well behaved. It's the other one percent that can cause disruptions that effect the entire school. Law enforcement says they are watching, and are ready to deal with problems.

All Dougherty County middle and high schools have at least one school resource officer. There are 11 Albany Police officers assigned everyday to individual schools.

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