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Student wins fruitie award

March 10, 2004

Thomasville - You may have "Heard through the grapevine" that kids at Garrison-Pilcher elementary school in Thomasville care about Dole fruit. Well, so did the people at Dole.

Amy Myrdal, Director of nutritional marketing says, "We started a contest last summer to get kids to name our new fruit bowl character. Rachel Smith is our winner, she named our character 'Cutie Fruitie', so we developed a section of our web site that describes Cutie Fruitie as Rachel told us she would be."

Rachel was just one of hundreds of kids from around the country that entered the contest.

She says, "It makes me feel happy that everyone voted for me, and I would have never won if they didn't vote for me."

Her reward? A $250 gift certificate to Toys-R-Us, but she didn't spend it all on herself.

"I bought something for my sister and brother," says Smith, "And I made a list of what I was going to buy for the needy children and I bought a bike for me."

Three classes at Garrison will receive digital cameras and color printers for their part in a sculpture contest.

Myrdal says, "We decided as a way to make our celebration here to honor Rachel more fun, we would ask the students to build sculptures using dole fruit bowls."

What's this experience been like for Rachel? She says, "It's been fun and exciting and I've had fun."

To see Cutie Fruitie, logon to Dole's 5-A-Day Website.

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