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Albany man kept out of courtroom during trial

March 9, 2004
Albany -- An Albany man on trial for drug charges is thrown out of the courtroom. He is found guilty in absentia.

26 year old Reginald Ingram was taken out of the courtroom before his trial began Monday. Ingram cursed Judge Loring Gray, and told him he could not judge him because he is not black. After Ingram threatened the baliffs, Judge Gray had him removed.

Closing arguments were made in his trial Tuesday morning, and the jury found him guilty on all counts.

 His court appointed lawyer said he gave Ingram the best defense he could. Ingram's lawyer, Gerald B. Williams said "He or another lawyer in the future may feel that the trial was not fair because he was not present. But I do understand why the Judge decided to have him removed from the courtroom. I did not necessarily agree with that, but I understand."

 Judge Loring Gray said this was the first time in his 18 years on the bench that he has had to remove a person on trial.

Ingram will be sentenced March 22nd.

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