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Economic forecaster says Georgia on the grow

March 9, 2004

Albany -- One of the nation's leading economists says Georgia is recovering from it's financial doldrums faster than the nation as a whole. Dr. Donald Ratajczak says jobs in the Peach State are picking up, but not very quickly.

A standing room only crowd to hear the former state Economic Forecaster. Students, professors, and South Georgia business people jammed into a Darton College meeting room to hear his economic forecast. He says that forecast is mixed. Dr. Ratajczak said "Corporate profits are improving, sales are picking up, there is signs of growth. Revenue has reappeared in the state. On the other hand it's awful hard to find a job."

Dr. Ratajczak says 9-11 put the nation's economy into a deeper hole than most understood, and it is taking a long time to claw back out. But Georgia is on the upswing. Ratajczak said "Georgia is recovering, but we had a deep decline. We lost revenues for two consecutive years. You have to go way back into the Depression Era to find two consecutive years of dropping revenues."

Jobs and the economy are the issue with the Presidential election looming. The students wonder if they will be able to find a job after graduation. Dr. Ratajczak said "It's still going to be a tough one. Students aren't going to be able to pick and choose. They are going to work hard to find someone who wants them."

 Dr. Ratajczak said the nation's high energy costs are one factor holding the economic recovery back.

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