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National guard fills Moody's void

March 9, 2004

Lowndes County - Everyone entering Moody Air Force Base gets a loud and cheerful greeting. "That's a sign of motivation," said Specialist David Hicks.

And motivation is just what Specialist Hicks spreads. "The way you get greeted at Moody Air Force Base by these folks is fabulous, it starts your day off great," said Col. Bradley Heithold.

But this isn't even Hicks' normal job. He's part of an army reserve unit that's providing security at Moody Air Force Base. "I miss my job in a way, but serving this country comes first," said Wynn.

The unit typically provides transportation and is based out of Lagrange, Georgia. But they're learning new skills to fill the void left by Moody's deployed troops. "We do vehicle searches, id checks, make sure no one who's not supposed to be here comes on base," said Lt. Tony Jones.

The guardsmen came to Moody last February and were only supposed to be here for one year. Now, their assignment has been extended for 12 more months. "I didn't mind at all, I put on the uniform to serve and that's what I do," said Hicks.

And their presence makes this base a safer place. "The fact that they can free up my Air Force security forces to do other things for us is adding security at Moody," said Heithold.

So even though they'll be missed for one more year back at home, their greetings and security efforts will make Moody a safer and more cheerful base.

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