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Albany tennis complex is in the works, again

March 8, 2004

Albany - A group of tennis lovers wants to turn an old baseball field into a new tennis complex. The group asked County leaders to consider using City-owned land on 11th Avenue and Jefferson Street as the location of a tennis complex.

Now, the City is using the land, which was once a baseball field, for storage and is allowing the Armory to park trailers there. 5 year ago, $1,000,000 in tax money was set aside for a tennis center, but dispute over the location halted the project.

"Albany has fallen behind when it comes to tennis. Other cities in Georgia such as Columbus, Macon, and even neighboring Camilla have tennis complexes," said Eddie Driver, Tennis Center Committee Chairman.

The Tennis Center Committee says the complex would have between 20 and 24 courts, and would cost $2,500,000. Half of the money would come from the already collected tax money, and the rest must be approved in the next sales tax money.

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