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Big business pull-out leaves DC landfill in dumps

March 8, 2004

Dougherty County - If Dougherty County can't attract more business, it may have to sell the landfill to a private company. And that may result in higher fees for customers.

The landfill receives 32% of its annual revenue from Hall-ing Refuse. But Hall-ing's parent company, Allied, built its own landfill in Taylor County and will be dumping there.

Now, the County has hired a consultant, for $40,000, to find ways to cut costs and attract business. "We are considering accepting waste from out of the county to replace the business we're losing, we're look at our tipping fee structure, we trying to solicit business, and we're looking at our operational practices," said Michael McCoy, Solid Waste Director.

McCoy says selling the landfill is the County's last resort because the buyer, a private company, may charge higher prices to customers.

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