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Habitat homes targeted by vandals

March 8, 2004

Albany-- A Habitat for Humanity neighborhood in south Albany is targeted by vandals.

They've broken into four of the houses, taken tools, even punched holes in the walls.

Repairs to the homes are using up valuable Habitat volunteer man hours.

College students from Boston are in Albany, giving up their spring break to build homes for needy families.

They are staying very busy, but not much is getting accomplished. Construction Manager Penny Armitage says, "It's kinda of disheartening. You know how hard everyone has worked."

When volunteers showed up for work Monday morning they found holes in the walls of this house and damage to the bathroom, "It appears as though they kinda pried one of the windows open and jumped in that way and pretty much tore up a lot of what the college students worked on last week."

And this isn't all, "In the last couple weeks we have had our trailers broken into and we lost about a thousand dollars worth of tools."

Plus, another Habitat house a few blocks over has been vandalized not once, but twice. So, have several other homes.

The young volunteers are shocked. Kelly Chase says, "I'm disgusted every time it happens and it happens too much. It has happened to every house I have worked on except one."

But, the students are not discouraged. They say they are here to work--even if they are doing more repairing than anything else.

The police are investigating the theft and vandalism at the work sites. Flint River Habitat for Humanity is offering a $500.00 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the guilty persons.

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