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Columbine mother turns tragedy into triumph

March 7, 2004

Moultrie- The images are still haunting. Nearly five years after the Columbine shootings, Americans are still in shock about what took place at the Colorado high school.

For mothers like, Beth Nimmo, they are reminders of the day her 17 year old daughter Rachel Joy Scott was shot to death.

"She was the first one that was killed that day, and then I had a son that was very much involved. He was a survivor Craig Scott," she says.

Just last week, Nimmo and other family members were forced to relive the pain when authorities opened up the archives of evidence collected during the investigation.

"Those things hurt. There's no way you can see that and not just feel the pain of knowing that's the gun they used to take Rachel's life."

Still, she's found a way to not only cope with her loss but help others. She uses video clips of media coverage as part of her ministry. Nimmo travels the country telling a story of Columbine most haven't heard, the story of Rachel Scott's faith and love for the Lord.

"We found out how deep that ran in her heart when we found her journal writings," Nimmo explains.

In those writings she says her daughter predicted her own death, and referred to the school as the "halls of tragedy."

Nimmo has turned the journals into two books which she uses as tools to give other teens the encouragement to live a Christian life.

"I get emails all the time. I get letters from kids saying book like this have saved their life."

The mother of five says it has saved her, too. Instead of dwelling on Rachel's tragic death, she uses it to heal her wounds and give hope to others.

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