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Mardi Gras in Albany ?

March 06, 2004

Albany -- Although Mardi Gras in New Orleans may have wrapped up a few weeks ago. Albany's version of the famous and colorful celebration was Saturday.

The excitement of "Fat Tuesday" is thick in the air in downtown Albany as the city brings a piece of the big easy into the Good life City.

"You can drink all you want you can all types of fun,"says event goer Damion Toliver. Downtown was transformed into a Bourbon street look-alike for the second annual Mardi gras festival. A celebration complete with purple beads, food, and even some colorful characters.

"I'm going to bring my chicken down here I got a roaster named Zaxby and if you catch him you get ten bucks,"says on masked merchant.

Well-dressed pooches also paraded through downtown.

"Just Mardi Gras feathers and purple, green, gold and a lot of bright colors and lot of bright colors,"says Lynn Brimberry describing her costumed dog.

But one thing you will find at Albany celebration that you won't find in Nawlins is a party that is family friend with wholesome entertainment. Downtown merchants hope events like this one will help energize the draw of downtown.

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