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Family raises money for kidney transplant

March 5, 2004

Moultrie-- It takes time to get on an organ transplant list, so sometimes it's better to look to friends and family first. You are about to hear from a south Georgia man who has found a perfect match, but he has run into a road block. 

Billy Lawton has been attached to a machine for five hours now. The 30-year-old Moultrie man has been on dialysis for four years. "That's a long time, to tell you the truth," he says.

He's in desparate need for a new kidney. Billy's sister, Sharon Lawton has stepped up to the plate.  "I said, what's going on with your kidney? He said 'I just need a donor.' I said why don't you take me?"

Turns out she's a perfect match.  "That's gravy love, that's gravy love," Billy says. The only thing that's keeping Billy from getting his sister's healthy kidney is money. They can't afford to pay for the surgery. 

Enter Phillip Divine and Karon Kilgore. They are trying to raise money for their friend, Billy.  "I talk to him everyday about being strong. Your day is coming Billy. That's all I want is for his day to come," said Karon.

Billy needs $2,000 before he can sign up for surgery. "The money just ain't there," Sharon said. But the love is and Billy hopes more people out there will reach out to save his life.


 If you would like to help Billy Lawton, you can mail donations to the American Banking Company at 2513 South Main Street, Moultrie, GA 31768. The account is under the name Karen Kilgore, concerning Billy Lawton. You can also call A-B-C Bank at 229-873-4444.

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