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Oxendine reminds S. Georgians about insurance issues

March 5, 2004

Tifton- Spring is just a few weeks away, and the new season means more than just warm weather. It also marks the height of tornado season.

Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine reminds South Georgians to review their insurance policies before bad weather strikes.

"You need to get out your homeowner policy. You need to look at it. You need to know the difference between replacement costs, and fair market value. You need to make sure that you have a good photographic or video tape recording of everything in your house."

He says homeowners should also remember to keep those pictures somewhere other than inside their homes. So, if the house is destroyed the photos will be preserved.

Oxendine also says families should beware of bogus health insurance companies.

He says many families across the country have been targets of unlicensed health insurance companies. The bogus businesses will pay small claims, but when a patient has a major illness or they file a major claim the company vanishes.

"You're stuck with no insurance. Families have been put into bankruptcy because some of these unlicensed scam artists are out there just ripping people off."

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