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Cat is rescued from a tree

March 5, 2004

Grady County - Among swaying pines in Grady County is something you wouldn't expect to see, a cat.

Daisy Luloff says Miss Kitty is her baby, a baby she desperately wants brought down to safety.

Luloff says, "Just seeing her hang up there has been terrifying. She's an animal, but she's still one of God's creatures."

But how can you get a cat down from 50 feet in the air? Ladders just won't reach. Why not try the deer stand tree climber?

But Miss Kitty isn't moving, it looks like he'll have to go to her.

And finally, Miss Kitty's and her rescuer on their way to safety. But then, she jumps, and once again the hero of the day, saves Miss kitty.

Rescuer Robert Nipper says, "I reckon the only right thing to do was to go up there and get the cat down for my mama."

And his mother, Miss Kitty's mother, couldn't be more proud. "I'm proud of him. He done something nobody else would do. He got her."

And now she's safe, inside, and catching up on a few meals.

Daisy Luloff says she's owned Miss Kitty for about two years now.

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