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Thieves target lawn mowers in the spring

March 5, 2004

Dougherty County -- Lawn mowers are expensive and very attractive to thieves. Utility trailers and lawn equipment are easy for them to sell and hard to track. Police are recommending you take time to protect your lawn mower before it disappears.

 Ron Hayes walked behind his shed last spring, ready to cut his grass. He got a bad surprise. "Couldn't find it. Just realized someone had stolen it." Like many South Georgians, Hayes kept his lawnmower in his backyard, unlocked. He did not have the serial number written down and had not put identifying marks on it. Hayes said "Never did find it."

 Dougherty County Police warn homeowners to take time now to protect their lawn equipment. Lt. Dennis Dawson of the Dougherty County Police said "It's an easy target for thieves to come by and pick them up."

Thieves grab Mowers and utility trailers and unload them quickly at flea markets or roadside sales. Lt. Dawson said "If you are approached by someone offering you a great deal on a riding lawn mower or any type of item, we ask you to report it to the Police. Because most of the time these items are stolen property."

 Engrave your name on your equipment, write down the serial number. Something as simple as a lock can make thieves move on. Lt. Dawson said "That's a big deterrent. These locks are hard to get off. It takes more time than some of these thieves want to use to take the items."

Two weeks ago Dougherty County investigators arrested David Jordan for stealing utility trailers, and asked for people who thought he may have taken their trailer to call them. They got hundreds of phone calls, showing the thefts are even more widespread than they suspected.

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