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Sherwood holding Passion class

March 4, 2004

Albany- The dramatic and violent scenes of "The Passion of the Christ" are leaving many viewers with questions about what they're seeing on the screen and what's in the Bible.

"If you don't understand how the cross and those last 12 hours of Jesus' life fit in the context of scripture, a lot of people may miss the power of the message," said Stephen Kendrick, an associate pastor at Sherwood Baptist Church.

That's part of the reason Sherwood is starting a Sunday morning class studying the movie. Leaders hope to help people better understand the scripture the movie is based on.

Sherwood's class begins this Sunday morning at 9:30 at the Wynnsong 16. It's free and open to anyone. They're holding the class in the movie theater, hoping to encourage more people to come.

"Many people feel at home in a movie theatre," Kendrick said. "We just thought, we're going go to them, on their turf and discuss questions and answers to questions that they have."

The movie may inspire some to join a church, but it's too early to tell if that's already happening. Some people won't stick with their new commitment, but some will.

"There will be some people, it connects with them and we will see them begin to follow Christ and him change their lives and they fall in love with him and they'll never be the same."

Regardless of whether it increases church membership, many believe the movie is having as much impact on viewers as it's having on box office profits.

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