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Heart Walk held in Thomasville

March 4, 2004

Thomasville - It's a silent killer. It sneaks up and could strike at anytime.

Jennifer Johnston says, "You can't see heart disease, as you can see cancer. Cancer has causes a long-time suffering where a heart attack will kill suddenly. You may not even know, you may have high blood pressure and then you die of a heart-attack."

Heart disease is the number one killer in America. It kills more often than cancer, but is usually preventable through a proper diet, and exercise.

"It's hard to watch people you love get sick and die from heart disease, when you know it's one of the most preventable diseases," says Christi Sheffield from Archbold Hospital.

That's why the American Heart Association is holding a heart walk in Thomasville tonight. They will be educating the public on the signs of cardiovascular disease.

Johnston says, "It puts more awareness in their minds of how it actually affects them and others around them, and I think it brings more education to the community."

And hopefully through that education, more community members will live. The heart walk is from six to eight tonight at the Thomasville High school track. You can still register to walk right now.

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