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Man attempts to rob bank drive-thru

March 4, 2004

Albany -- About 10:15 AM a man wearing a bandana over his face pulled into the Bank of America drive thru on East Ogelthorpe Boulevard. He pointed a long barreled gun at the clerk inside the booth, and demanded money.

The female clerk quickly ducked down inside her teller's booth, out of sight of the armed robber. The robber then drove away empty handed.

Lt. Kenn Singleton of the Albany Police said "I'm not really sure what the bank's protocol is, but I'm thinking the victim, the teller, used pretty good judgement. I think she felt like that was her only way to get out of sight of that, the weapon."

Investigators describe the bank robber as 18 to 25 year old black male, with short hair. He was driving a four door light colored Honda Civic, either green or gray in color.

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