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Albany man shoots to stop burglar

March 4, 2004

Albany -- An Albany man fired several gunshots as he chased down a burglar he found in his East Albany home Thursday morning.

Police look over this yard in the 100 block of North Central where the homeowner fired at least four shots as he caught and held the burglar for police.

33-year-old Ecklin Spelman found his air conditioner out of his window when he returned to his South Carol Street home about 9:30 AM.

He heard a burglar inside and had a friend call 9-1-1. Then he saw a young man jump out that window and run. Spelman grabbed a pistol from inside his house and jumped in his car to chase the burglar.

 He caught him on North Central and started shooting. Michael Ford was walking down the street and said it was shocking. Ford said "I saw a guy pull up pretty fast, jump out of his car, and start shooting at another guy running through the alley. Did he hit him? I don't know, I got of the way."

17-year-old Brandon Hawkins was arrested and charged with burglary. Spelman will not be charged for shooting his gun.

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