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Keep Kids Buckled in the Back Seat

March 3, 2004

Albany- Airbags save lives. They're an incredibly effective safety feature in automobiles, but they can be dangerous to children. Many drivers know how to keep kids safe from airbag dangers, but not everyone is getting the message. 

Mrs. Frances Patton of Albany is careful when driving around with her grand daughter Taylor. "I feel like they could get hurt worser in the front seat, " says Patton.

Kids are usually eager to hop in the front seat, but even little Taylor, who admits she would rather sit in the front, knows that airbags can pose a threat because she's so small. "I don't want them to hurt me, "says Taylor.

Children properly buckled in the backseat of a vehicle are more likely to survive an accident. There's more space in the backseat for a child to survive a crash, rather than in the front seat where a deployed airbag could potentially kill a young person.

Since 1996, The number of children killed by deployed airbags has gone down ninety-four percent. Georgia State Patrol Trooper Darryl Benton explains,  "Child airbag deaths are down due to campains for seatbelt violations, campaigns for airbag safety and child safety. "

Statistics show that more African-Americans and Hispanics are letting their kids ride in the front seat.  Shelia Yates says her six year old convinces her to let her ride in the front. "I can't see, That's what she tells me so sometimes so I'll put her in the front seat,"  claims Yates.

Keep children safely restrained in the back seat, and they're more likely to be around for your next ride.  Under Georgia law, Children five and under must be restrained in a Child Safety seat.

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