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Cordele considers smoking ban

March 3, 2004

Cordele-- Several South Georgia cities already prohibit people from lighting up in restaurants and other public buildings.

Even the State Senate is considering a far-reaching smoking ban.

Now, Cordele is the latest city to look at banning smoking in public places.

City leaders haven't drawn up an ordinance yet, but people already have strong opinions about it.

If you want a hot dog in Cordele, you come here, "Mmmm, it varies between six and seven hundred hot dogs sold a day."

Besides a good hot dog, people flock to the Cordele Recreation Parlor to play some pool and for some, have a smoke.

"I am definitely against that."

Smoker Stanley Hartley does not like the proposed ban on smoking, "But, someone telling me I can't go there and visit or eat there because of the smoking ban on it, sure leaves me out to where my choices are to eat at."

Bev Smith says, "I think they should have done it years ago."

But, other customers are behind an ordinance that would make it illegal to light up in a restaurant, "I get real upset when I am eating and I'm getting into a non-smoking place and someone gets right next to me and cigarette smoke coming right over where I am at I just get right up and leave."

It is not clear yet what the proposed smoking ordinance would limit... but this restaurant owner says either way is okay with him, "It don't really matter to me I would like to see them stop I think it is better for everybody in the long run because a lot of people don't like breathing other people's smoke."

But, for now, it is business as usual, until the proposed smoking ban comes to a vote.

The Cordele City Attorney is researching the issue and will present a draft ordinance at the next commission meeting in two weeks.

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