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Kerry wins big; sets sights on nomination

March 3, 2004

Albany - John Kerry wins Georgia and the present state flag will stay on the poll. Those are the results of Super Tuesday, but only 26% of registered voters came out to make those decisions.

With 47% of the votes Massachusetts Senator John Kerry won Georgia and secured his place on the November ballot. "Get ready a new day is on the way," said Kerry.

Georgia was a critical state for candidate John Edwards, who received 37% of the vote in Albany and 42% statewide. Despite pre-Super Tuesday vows to stay in the race, the North Carolina Senator backed out.

"John Kerry has what it takes to be President of the United States, and I will do everything in my power to make sure he is President of the United States," said Edwards.

It was a big win for the present state flag. The red and white banner, designed by Americus Senator George Hooks, received the backing of more than 75% of voters.

And in Albany, Bo Dorough will keep the Ward 4 city commission seat for 4 more years. Dorough was sworn-in Wednesday morning.

He beat challenger Joann Pope by 284 votes and received 55% of the vote. The run-off election brought out 40% of Ward 4 voters, compared to Albany's 26% turn-out for the primary an flag referendum.

Dougherty County Elections Board are relieved to say there were no big problems at the polls this time around.

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