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S.GA Doctor makes people smile

March 3, 2004

Thomasville - Aspiring model Stevie Jordan takes a look at her first magazine cover. She says, "It's really exciting, because more people will see it, so it's a good opportunity."

An opportunity given to her by Dr. Thomas Oppenheim. He replaced a missing tooth, then sent a photo of Stevie to the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry. Stevie is his fifth cover model, a distinction no other dentist in the world has received.

Dr. Oppenheim says, "It hasn't necessarily been a goal of mine to be on these covers, it's just been a by-product of the things we do on a daily basis."

Jim Bolin is a pastor from Atlanta. He learned about Dr. Oppenheim through a friend, and drives down regularly to meet with him.

Bolin says, "It's borderline miraculous, what he can do with people and their smile and their teeth. I know what I had, I know where I was, I know where I'm at now, and I can't wait to see what it's finally going to end up looking like."

And after six months of procedures, Jim has a brand new smile, one he can't stop showing off.

Dr. Oppenheim says, "It's incredible how it's impacted people's social lives, their self-esteem, self-confidence. It's had an indirect impact on people's business careers, their relationships. They look healthier, they look more vital, they look younger."

But even if you don't see yourself as a model, Dr. Oppenheim sees the potential in each patient. He says, "Every case to me is a cover model case."

Stevie Jordan is a senior at Lee County High School and plans to pursue modeling while she attends college.

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