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Voter turn-out varies by Ward

March 2, 2004

Albany - Voters in 10 states will choose a democratic candidate to go head to head with President Bush in November. And, Georgians will also choose a state flag.

Voter turn-out seems to be a little higher than expected, at least in Albany where Ward 4 voters are also casting ballots in the City Commission run-off.

It's been a long race for Ward 4 city commission candidates Bo Dorough and Joann Pope. After a 3 month election delay and now a run-off, the final hour is finally here.

"I've been campaigning this morning, or more like holding up my signs at polls," said Pope.

"I hoping the turnout will increase this afternoon. It's a nice day, so there's really not to get out and vote," said Dorough.

Ward 4 voters are casting two ballots - one for the run-off and the other for the presidential primary and flag referendum. But, voting on two machines hasn't caused too much confusion. "A little different this time, but not confusing," said voter Paul Koster.

Voters are also deciding on a state flag between the 2001 blue and gold flag and the latest red and white banner. Some voters says they wanted more options.

"It thought we might go back to the pre-1956 flag that Georgia had for a number of years, but that wasn't one for us to choose. And, they didn't let me design one, so I just voted on the one I though was the best one," said voter Joann Bates.

Other voters want the vote to put an end to the flag controversy. "I think we've seen enough of it and had enough time to get this right. I think today is our chance to get it right," said Koster.

"I hope we can get to an agreement. We've been having an uproar, and I just hope we can settle it and get into some other issues," said voter Homer Hunter.

Voter Homer Hunter says his main reason for voting today was to choose a democratic candidate to challenge President Bush in November. "I think that we might ought to make a change, and I want to be in the middle of that," said Hunter.

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