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Spring weather has arrived!

March 2, 2004

Albany-- We are a few weeks from the official start of spring, lately it feels springtime has made an early entrance.

South Georgians are shaking off the winter blues in lots of different ways, including one of spring's most popular diversions.

"Today is probably one of the best days we have played out here in the last six months." Claude Cox is one of many golfers at Grand Island Country Club taking advantage of the bright sunshine and warm temperatures.

For one golfer, it is doctor's orders to be on the course, "Yes, it is and the doctor tells me to get exercise and I get exercise."

Bob Miksad is fighting cancer--and his weekly trips to the golf course, especially on a day like today, is a real mood lifter, "Oh, it just makes you enjoy life and you commune with the great outdoors and all that you know. Sometimes you mess up a good walk, but out here it is a lot of fun."

Since the weekend, the number of golfers on the links has doubled and there is just one reason why: "The perfect weather conditions for golf is no wind, 80 degrees and humidity about 30 percent," comments Golf Professional Will

It came very close to being the perfect day-- but perfect weather doesn't always equal a perfect game of golf.

"So are you expecting a good golf game today? It hasn't been so far," laments Cox.

Of course, that might have more to do with our cameras then anything else. Now, not a single golfer was playing hooky from work. Everyone said they were either retired or were reporting to work later in the day.

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