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Moody Airmen deploy to Iraq

March 2, 2004

Lowndes County - More than 150 airmen from Moody's 822nd Security Forces Security Squadron said goodbye to their families Tuesday and prepared to deploy in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Vance, Shannon, and little Aydin are spending some quality time together before Vance leaves for Iraq. "It's the first time since we've been married that I'll be deploying," said Ssgt. Vance.

Leaving his family is hard, especially when Shannon is six weeks pregnant and two-year-old Aydin is changing every day. "He's doing so many different funny things these days and I hate to miss that," said Vance.

But knowing how vital her husband's job is makes saying good bye a little easier for Shannon. "I'm definitely so proud, proud of all our troops," said Shannon.

The 822nd Security Forces protects other troops who are protecting America. "The mission is to provide the best, first class force protection, air base defense, law enforcement, and security for our nation's priority resources," said Major Scott.

And they're very well prepared to do that job. "We've got a lot of first class training lately, especially at Camp Landing Florida where we did a lot of live fire exercises, our guys are definitely ready for this one," said Scott.

So even though little Aydin worries while his daddy's gone, knowing he's fighting for our freedom and he'll be home soon helps them make it through the time apart.

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