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APD searches for hit and run driver

March 2, 2004

Albany-- Police are still looking for a hit and run driver after a bizarre crash that knocked a pick-up truck off a bridge. The truck ended up against an abutment underneath the Oglethorpe Bridge downtown.

A little after 11:30 Monday night, a man driving a Buick ran the red light going east on Oglethorpe Boulevard and slammed into the truck. "The Buick was just racing down the road," said Fedarrow Gibson, who witnessed the incident. "I'm sitting there at the light. I'm like, now I know they're gonna stop because these people just pulled out. They didn't try to swerve, or they didn't try to hit brakes. They sped up and hit them in the back and knocked them over the bridge, and took off."

The truck was knocked off the road right where the bridge begins. It skidded down the embankment, under the bridge, across the new riverwalk, and stopped near the water.

Fifteen-year old Jessica Martin was driving. She was ejected and suffered a serious head injury. Her father, 33-year Robert McDowell, was in the truck for the whole ride and wasn't seriously hurt.

Police believe a man named Nick King was driving the Buick. He ditched the car a few blocks away and ran off. Two passengers in the car are cooperating with police.

One of them says he doesn't know what King was thinking, but the driver just seemed to be "playing around."

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