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Four dead after wreck with propane truck

March 1, 2004

Mitchell County- This is what's left of the cab of a propane truck after it wrecked with a car carrying three elderly women on U.S. 19 outside Camilla.

The driver of the car was pulling off of Goodson Road and didn't come to a complete stop at a stop sign.

"I had a witness that saw them and saw the truck or heard the truck blowing his horn and watched the vehicle come through," said Tfc. Richie Carpenter, with GSP.

The driver of the truck was traveling south on US 19 when the women pulled out in front of him. Troopers said he tried to slow down, but there was nothing he could do. It was too late.

"After the impact, the passenger car kind of rotated counter clockwise and went into the median," Carpenter said.

The cab separated from the trailer of the truck. The tank flipped and landed in the median. The driver was ejected from the cab and killed. The three women also died from the impact of the truck when it hit the Buick they were riding in.

Fortunately, no propane leaked from the tank. The highway was blocked for several hours. Rescue crews worked through the night to remove the truck.

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