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Fighting the flames

March 1, 2004

Thomasville - It takes more than water to put out a fire. It takes constant training by those willing to fight the flames.

Captain Tommy Benton says, "We're training. We have a minimal amount we have to have each year, to keep our certification."

Not all of that training includes putting out fires. Benton says, "We train on ladders, the Oriel pumping. We have medical training also, study territory. Just to keep our skill level up where we can serve citizens on the level that we should."

But these guys don't just train the minimal 120 hours a year. They train three to four days a week.

Benton says, "They do very well. They're energetic. They're a really good group of guys to work with. I feel fortunate to work with them. I have a lot of confidence in these guys, they do the job well."

Which is a good thing, because when the call comes in, they have to be. In addition to the fire training, firemen train 12 hours a year for EMS certification.

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