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Leap Day babies will be forever young

March 1, 2004

Albany - It's the first day of March meaning Leap Day is over, but two very proud parents will have the day on their mind for years to come. Two first time mothers went into labor on Saturday, hoping not to have their babies on the extra day in February.

A little bundle of joy named Reagan Amirah has made Derrick and Felicia White proud first time parents. Reagan was born Sunday, February 29th on Leap Day. Mrs. White says, "I'm just glad she's here, it's okay."

The five pound newborn girl won't have her first birthday until 2008. Mrs. White smiles, "I think we are going to celebrate March the first, every year."

Reagan is not leaping alone in life. A few doors down at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, you will find an eight pound baby boy named Daniel James. His parents, Garth and Rebecca Duke-Barton, were expecting him on Saturday. The new mother laughs, "The whole day there was a bet wether he would be born on the 28th or the 29th."

Daniel came into the world five hours into Leap Day. His mother says, "It's been the big joke all along, we were sure he would be born on the Leap Day because he's a special baby and he had to have a special birthday."

It's not such a bad thing, Reagan and Daniel will be forever young. At age 100, they will only be 25-years-old.

The U.S. Census lists about 200,000 Americans with Leap Day birthdays. Leap year comes every four years to synchronize the calendar with the sun.

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