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Cracking down on aggressive drivers

February 26, 2004

Thomasville - No one likes to see lights flashing in their rear-view mirror, but if you're driving recklessly, or are in violation of a safety standard on your car, you'll see them this weekend in Thomasville.

Sergeant. Duane Treadon says, "We have put together a group of officers and that is going to be their primary assignment for this aggressive driving campaign, to work just on aggressive driving. They won't be answering other calls, they won't be working other assignments, their primary responsibility is to increase the safety for the traveling public."

Safety that could be jeopardized if you can't see out of your windows because the tint is too dark. That's why Clay Chason was pulled over. He says, "What point is it to have a police force if they're not out doing their job? I'd much rather see them out busting drug dealers or something like that, rather than pulling me over for window tint, but that's part of their job too I guess."

Jean Bradley was also pulled over for having dark tint on her windows. "The officer stopped me," she says. "He was checking for the tint on the windows. And he did a little test on it and said it was borderline I told him that I'd be glad to get it modified to the standard, what it should be."

And officers hope by making those small changes, more lives will be saved.

Sergeant Treadon says, "By taking that few extra minutes of safety and doing things safely, you'll get to your destination all right, whereas if you get aggressive, you might get involved in an accident and you won't make it to your destination."

So, buckle up, slow down and be safe this weekend. The aggressive driving campaign runs Thursday through Sunday. Police are mainly working heavy traffic areas in Thomasville.

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