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Proceeds to the American Cancer Society

Win a handmade quilt!

February 26, 2004

Albany - Do you have a hobby? We found one south Georgia man who likes playing with a sewing machine and thread. His pastime is more than making quilts, he is making money for a good cause.

Quilt making is an art. Greg Russell says, "Keeps my hands occupied." Russell has mastered the technique. He says, "A good year, I probably do a hundred."

This is a hobby for the MCLB Engineer and former Navy Sailor. He laughs, "Yeah, I get some odd comments on that on occasion, actually."

With each stitch, he thinks about a special person. Russell explains, "I grew up in Illinois on a farm and my Mom made quilts and I guess I paid attention."

This is the most humbling part of Russell's story. He says, "Generally, I give them away or donating them for good causes."

Just recently, he handed over two material masterpieces to the American Cancer Society, one Christmas quilt and the other patriotic. He smiles, "I'm making them anyway, it's nice somebody else can benefit from them."

They will be raffled off at the Dougherty/Lee County Relay for Life, a walk-a-thon that raises awareness and money for cancer. Last year's quilts brought in at least $2,000.

This is more than just something to do, Russell is piecing together a possible cure for cancer, the disease that took his mother away.

To win Greg Russell's patriotic or Christmas quilt you can either stop by WALB during business hours or call the American Cancer Society at 229-446-1073.

One ticket is $5 dollars or three tickets for $10.

The winner will be announced at Relay for Life on April 30th/May 1st.

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