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Year long hunting license system more popular

February 26, 2004

Albany -- Hunters and anglers will not have to worry about the March 31st sportsmen license deadline in Georgia this year.

Until this year, all hunting and fishing licenses in Georgia expired March 31st, no matter when they were bought. But now the state has changed to an annual system, so all hunting and fishing licenses are good for one year from the date they're bought.

 Rangers say the change has been well received. Sgt. Jeff Swift of the Department of Natural Resources said "It fell right in the middle of turkey season. If you started the season out you had a license. If you forgot to go purchase a license prior to April 1st, you could be found out in the field hunting turkeys without a license. This is going to make it much more convenient for them."

There are more than 12-hundred license sales agents in Georgia, and they can also be purchased over the Internet or by phone.

 Some of the money from hunting and fishing license go to wildlife conservation.

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