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Not a total washout

February 25, 2004

Lake Buena Vista, FL.-- The Braves grounds crew was able to remove the tarp from Disney's Cracker Jack stadium but the field was still too wet for the team to hold their first workout of the season. Fortunately the Braves spring training home is one cracker jack of a facility.

Cox said, "We are just fortunate we are in a nice enough complex here with the amount of tunnels that we do have that we are able to work in so when you do have rain you are still getting in a lot of work."

While the manager was pleased with the accomplishments of the shortened first day, his players were not. Chipper Jones said, "We need to get out on the field. We need to take live batting practice. We need to run around and jump around like idiots for a couple of days and get it out of the system before we get down to business."

 But now that the long anticipated first day is over, the Braves are already looking forward to the end of spring training. Andruw Jones said, "The first day is the best one and the last day after that it is just the same thing."

The first full squad workout may have been cut short by rain but the Braves know they have plenty of work to be done between now and opening day in April. The Braves will continue their daily workouts before they begin exhibition play on March 3rd against the University of Georgia.

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