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Tough stuff

February 25, 2004

Albany--These days Erinn Knight spends most of her afternoons on a table in a training room receiving treatment on her right knee. "I don't even think about it anymore. It's not until I actually hurt myself again or come down to sit on the bench and then I feel the pain," Knight explained.

Knight is playing with a torn ACL, and has been since late January. "I was really upset because it's my senior year and I want what's best for the team, not really just for me. So I was like it's my turn to prove something and this is the last chance I'm going to get," Knight added.

You don't have to look too far to find where that toughness comes from. Erinn is the daughter of Ray Knight and Nancy Lopez, two former professional athletes, who have passed along more than their athletic genes.

"I get most of it from my dad but also my mom because she's just always shown me, she has a hurt leg also, and she's always shown me that no matter how hurt you are you need to keep going."

And that same toughness has had a positive effect on her teammates. "Even when she's not on the court we just look at her and see how strong she is and we know that we can be that strong too," senior Laura Tiernan said.

But in Knight's eyes the only thing that will make playing through the pain worth while is a state championship. "This is one of my favorite groups to be around, everyone is so close. So just to win it with them plus all the injuries it would just mean a lot."

Knight says she plans on having surgery on that torn ACL at the end of this summer. Deerfield Windsor (26-0) will take on F. P. D. Thursday at 4pm at Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville in the GISA state semifinals.

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