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Don't lose your Vacation money

February 25, 2004

Albany-It's been a gloomy day in south Georgia. Whether you were out in the cold or stuck in the office, you may be thinking about your dream vacation.

 Antonio Swint of Albany is planning an anniversary trip for him and his wife.  "I'm gonna' go to West Palm Beach and get some sun," claims Swint.  Sharon Styles, another get--way dreamer in Albany says "I've always wanted to go to Greece. I took Latin for four years in school and just always wanted to go there and Rome too and see all the old buildings."

Dream vacations can cost a pretty penny, so you may want to consider travel insurance in case something bad happens, especially if your traveling internationally.  "The insurance you have here will not take care of you outside of the United States," explains Elizabeth Nichols, an Albany travel agent. She planned a trip to France, a vacation she had always dreamed of with a close friend.  "About two weeks before I was to go, my husband became ill suddenly and was hospitalized." Nichols, a travel agent for 40 years, knows how important it is to have travel insurance. Lucky for her, she had it. "We had to cancel, because he was bedridden from the time he came home til the day he died some months later," said Nichols.

Many people plan their vacations nearly down to every single detail. They save spending money, reach weight loss goals and even get ahead on their tans. What they don't do, is plan for the worst." 

 Dennis Fenton, An Albany travel agent says "The cruises and tours are much more strict. We often suggest third-party insurance for trip cancelation as is the chance of bankruptcy,"

After 9-11, most airfares are non-refundable, even if the person dies, so travelers need travel insurance to get money back if they cancel their trip.

So, before you get head over heels for that perfect get-away, use your head and get insured.

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