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Lent begins

February 25, 2004

Thomasville - Judy Daughtry just finished a 40-day fast. She says, "We were praying for the Lord to bless our church more, bless our people more, and be spirit filled."

Today, Ash Wednesday, is day one of a new 40-day fast for Daughtry. "We're going to fast a meal a day for Lent," she says.

But why is it so important to her to give up something for Lent? "Well," explains Daughtry, "God sent his only Son to die for us, and why not give something back to God? And it's the most important thing in the world, just to give something up to please God."

Chris Goff, of First United Methodist, doesn't necessarily believe you have to give something up as a sacrifice. Why not take something on for 40 days? He says, "I had actually thought about taking something on instead of giving something up. Getting up even earlier and spend a little more time in devotional time in the morning than I normally do."

But not everyone has the willpower to give up a meal or extra time, so what can kind of small sacrifice can you make?

"Chocolate," says Carolyn Egan. "I think you're supposed to give up something that's kind of a sacrifice, and that's really my favorite thing."

A small sacrifice to honor the One Christians believe paid the ultimate price. The 40 days of Lent began today and ends on Easter Sunday, April 11th.

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