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School wins state reading award

February 25, 2004

Lakeland - Where are the state's top readers? You'll find them at Lanier County Elementary. "For a small school to win the award for the whole state is a huge accomplishment," said Glenda Ward, Literacy Coach.

The students' outstanding reading habits won the school Georgia's Exemplary Reading Program Award. "They want to read, they're begging for more books," said Principal Diane Grondin.

And they know that getting good grades starts with reading. "I get to learn new words," said Rachel More, First Grader. "It makes my grades go up," said Ethan Fricke, Kindergartner.

The school credits its reading success to the Reading Excellence Act. The goal of this program is to have students reading on grade level by the end of third grade. "If they learn how to read and they learn how this early, they will be much more successful throughout their school years and into high school," said Ward.

"If we can't read, we can't do social studies, we can't do science, and our experiments won't work," said Grondin. But that won't be a problem for these students, because they know reading is the basis of a bright future.

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