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Church sees advance screening of "Passion"

February 24, 2004

Albany- With tickets in hand members of Sherwood Baptist church rush to take their seats in the theatre, but after seeing the story of Jesus' crucifixion unfold on screen many say they are instantly compelled to minister to others.

"There's no other name under Heaven and Earth by which we must be saved than the name of Jesus Christ. He said I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father, but by me. That's the name you need to remember not mine," one member says.

Tears flowed as they watched director Mel Gibson's rendition of Christ's suffering, and nearly everyone left the theatre still sobbing, red-eyed, feeling what they call a Spiritual awakening.

"There are so many emotions that I went through. I think the human side of Jesus, and knowing that He was God and that God cared that much for us. It was very emotional," says Tonya Harris.

"I think everyone should see this movie. It's one of the most powerful movies I've ever seen in my life," adds Freddie Wellborn.

Some say the film touched them in a way they can't describe, but admit they definitely left the theatre changed.

"You could never understand before seeing that how much pain He went through. How much suffering He took for us, and He's got a much better place for us," says Jessica Hardin.

"I've been a Christian for years, but it's a whole new perspective on what He actually gave up to save our sins. I don't know. It's just mind boggling really to see what He went through," adds Vaughn Hussong.

Though everyone that saw the film this morning was a Christian they say it's so powerful it could even have an impact on those who don't believe.

South Georgians aren't wasting any time to get their chance to experience what Sherwood's members already have. People were lined up to purchase tickets for "The Passion of the Christ" as soon as the box office opened, hoping to feel what many are calling power on film.

Members of some Albany churches plan to ask ministers to be present at the theater when the movie opens to the public Wednesday to counsel anyone who wants to make a profession of faith.

The Wynnsong will show "The Passion of the Christ " six times a day on two screens. Tickets for Wednesday's 8 PM showing and Saturday's 1:30 PM and 4:00 PM showings are already sold out. Tickets are still available for the 1:30, 4:00, 5:00, 7:00, 8:00, and 9:30 showings.

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