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Traffic Management Center opens in Valdosta

City Engineer Von Shipman City Engineer Von Shipman

February 24, 2004

Valdosta - It's a typical lunch hour, and at busy intersections, traffic is bumper to bumper. "Valdosta continues to grow, our traffic counts continue to increase," said Von Shipman, City Engineer.

But you'll soon see big improvements in the traffic flow, thanks to this new traffic management center. "It provides us with technology that's on the cutting edge," said Shipman.

From inside one room, traffic technicians can see what's going on all over town, and along a sections of I-75. "We'll be able to see where we're having problems, mitigate congestion due to accidents, and it also allows us to talk to the police department to set up detours," said Shipman.

Cameras are set up on top of utility poles at 33 of the city's busiest intersections. Back at the traffic management center, technicians can move the cameras any way they want to get the best view of traffic. "We can move the camera 360 degrees, zoom, tilt, pan in or out," said Derrick Crowder, Traffic Technician.

The new technology should cut down on motorists travel time and most importantly, make our roads safer. "Our number one goal is safety, if we can keep traffic moving in a fluid manner, it reduces the risk of accidents," said Shipman.

Engineers hope to take the traffic feeds online soon, so the public can see where the biggest problems are and take notice of the promised improvements.

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