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G-8 Summit may jeopardize SWGA security

February 24, 2004

Albany - Southwest Georgia may lose out on homeland security money because of the upcoming G-8 summit on Sea Island.

The state divides the federal money among 8 regions. Last year, Region 2, which includes 23 Southwest Georgia counties, received about $1.4-million. But, a large share of the next round of the money, expected in March, will likely go to the coastal Georgia for security for the G-8 summit. That means less money for hazardous material training here in Albany.

"We have really taken some giant steps in providing regional response in all of these areas. The more funds that are diverted, the longer it takes us to get our plan up and running," said Chief James Arrowood.

The Albany Fire Department has already received $340,000 in homeland security money. Most of which they used for hazard material response equipment and hazmat training.

The G-8 summit between President Bush and leaders of Canada, Japan, Britain, France, Italy, Germany and Russia is set for June on Sea Island.

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