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South Georgia voters get close look at Edwards

February 23, 2003

Albany- When Candidate John Edwards stood in front of South Georgia voters, he talked about two Americas.

One for the rich.

"Then we've got one for everybody else, right?" Edwards said to a cheering crowd.

"It doesn't have to be that way."

Voters who waited outside to see him, say that's what they wanted to hear.

"I'm leaning his way," said Ryan Brooks of Albany. "Like I say, he's an excellent speech writer. He's probably one of the best people from the start next to Bill Clinton."

But Brooks admitted he still likes the man running against Edwards too.

"What I like about Senator Kerry, I spent eight years in the military, I like the fact the he served his country. When he was drafted, he went to the challenge. He didn't run. So that says a lot."

For some voters, it makes a difference that he came.

"And I feel the same way that he consider Albany a place worthy to come to," said Patricia Price of Albany. "Many times in the system, we get left out. But when you take time to come to the small people as well as Albany, I think that shows you care."

But others liked him anyway.

"I'm glad he came," said Peggy Meyer Von Bremen. "But I understand campaigning. Time is short and you get where you can get and we're certainly glad he came, but it didn't change my mind about what I thought about him."

Others in the crowd still support President George W. Bush. But say they'll vote for Edwards in the primary.

"If we were to elect a Democratic president then I would prefer him over Kerry by far," said Mary Ann Andrews.

After some smiles and handshakes, he was gone as fast as he came. Leaving behind South Georgians to make up their minds.

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