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Family Protection Day for Georgians

February 23, 2004

Albany -- February 23rd is Family Protection Day in Georgia. This is the time of the year for severe weather in the state, and Georgians are encouraged to prepare in case of an emergency.

Tornadoes, floods, lightning and thunderstorms, hurricanes, even winter storms have hit Georgia at this time of the year. As part of Severe Weather Awareness Week, the Georgia Emergency Management Agency wants families to go over their family disaster plan.

Lt. Ron Rowe of the Albany Fire Department said "They need to have a place to meet in case of disaster near their home, plus one if they can not return to their neighborhood. They should also have an out of state contact, so they don't rely on a person who might also be affected in case of the disaster."

GEMA recommends that all families put together a 72 hour emergency kit, to make yourself self sufficient in time of crisis. Rowe said "It should have food, water, medicine, change of clothes, blankets, anything they need to help them make it through three days."

 GEMA recommends all families designate meeting places, phone numbers, and safety rules for weather disasters, and practice them. Rowe said "People need to get ready, so if bad weather hits, they will not have to worry about it."

This is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Georgia. A statewide severe weather drill is scheduled for Wednesday. Schools, local governments, and businesses will be taking part in that drill.

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