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Workers prepare stage for Senator Edwards

February 23, 2004

Albany - In the last two weeks, North Carolina Senator John Edwards has visited dozens of cities. But before he ever reaches a campaign stop, his staff, volunteers, and secret service agents work to prepare and secure the rally site.

Before the chairs are rolled in, the stage is set, and the sound is tested, campaign workers prepare for Senator John Edwards' arrival. "Every day is a different challenge and a different adventure," said campaign worker Jenny Yeager. "You have to be prepared for whatever people throw at you."

After choosing a rally site which is generally a familiar city landmark, workers start spreading the word the Edwards is on his way. "So, you go to different media outlets, flyer the city, and talk to all different kinds of people," said Yeager.

Secret Service agents now follow Senator Edwards and Senator John Kerry on the campaign trail, a clear sign of the national security concerns. "They're going to have traveling staff with him at all times, and we're going to use secret service in every state as well," said Yeager.

Secret Service agents also arrive days in advance to make security sweeps of the rally site and shield Senator Edwards and the public from potential terrorist. So, hours of work behind the scenes allow Senator Edwards to quickly and safely charge into a city and campaign for votes.

The Edwards campaign hires local sound and stage technicians in every city they visit and stay at area hotels which helps our economy.

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