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Blazers break from football to give blood

February 23, 2004

Valdosta - This isn't how Coach Chris Hatcher usually makes the news. "This is only the second time I've ever given blood," said Hatcher.

Instead of leading his team to a football victory, he's coaching them through a life-saving donation. The team is hosting the first annual Blazin' Blood Drive. "They're all required to give, and they're all required to bring a friend to give," said Hatcher.

They've set their goals high. "Our goal is 150, but we hope to get over 200 pints of blood today," said Hatcher.

And Red Cross workers from across the state have been called in to help when the overwhelming amount of donations. "This is great, its just what we need right now, and we're so excited they chose this as their community service task," said Kathy Dallas.

Along with putting a dent in the critical blood shortage, Red Cross workers hope today's drive will recruit life-long donors. "They always say your best donors start in high school or college, and we're hoping these people will keep coming back and make it a lifetime commitment," said Dallas.

And even though they look a little frightened, if they follow their coach's lead, these football stars will win their best title yet and save someone's life.

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