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Reuniting with old friends

February 22, 2004

Albany -- High school reunions are a time for old friends to reminisce about old times and see how much their lives have changed.

Westover High's class of 1979 is planning its reunion. It's been twenty five years since graduation, so we set down with two members of the class and talked with them about how their lives have changed since their high school days.

They were the class of 1979 at Westover High. 1979 the year that rock-an-roll music was hot and disco was cooling off.

James Robison was an 18-year-old senior."Well we just had so many different people. You had people that all they wanted to do was stay in the books and people who wanted to party and you had your ball players," Robison.

Robison was one of those ballplayers with dreams of playing football at Florida State. He describes himself as a carefree kid who liked to hangout with friends. Many of those friends he has lost contact with over the years.

"When your in high school you always think that you are going to be with your friends from then on but it just doesn't work out that way,"says Robison.

Robison has now cashed in his NFL dreams to stay close to family, work, and farm in Camilla. Fellow classmate Debra Goodson Cannon says she has also changed alot since high school.

"I have two sons. My oldest son just finish the University of Georgia,"says Cannon.

The former "well-rounded" student is now a mother and career women. She's now helping to organize the class of 79' 25th reunion. She says time has taught her a valuable lesson about friendship.

"One thing that I have learned is that people mature and people grow and people that you necessarily didn't think you had anything with in high school you find out now that you do,"says Cannon.

The class is trying reunite most of their 300 classmates to do what they liked to do best. "We like to party,"exclaimed Cannon. This year the class is sure to show the world that the class of 79' has still got it.

For more reunion information call  Debra Goodson Cannon at 229-439-1874 or James Robison at 229-439-1874

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